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The Catholic News Agency for Africa (CANAA)

The Catholic News Agency for Africa (CANAA) is being established as an editorially independent news service providing pastoral, socio-political, economic news stories, features, commentaries, analysis and multimedia content relevant to readers, listeners and viewers in Africa as well as Catholic media outlets in Africa and beyond.

This continental communication initiative has grown out of a desire to share news and other information among the Local Churches of Africa, as well as to satisfy a longing to have the voice of Africa’s Church heard within and beyond its borders.

CANAA is to be governed by a Board of Directors consisting of professionally competent Africans representing as much as possible the African main linguistic and regional diversity.

CANAA will report on the church activities on the continent in view of enhancing a realistic image and an appreciation of the Church in Africa by engaging Africans in telling their own stories.

CANAA Vision

A competent and reliable source of news stories, features, commentaries and analysis about Church activities in Africa, providing a forum for Africans to speak about their challenges and triumphs; networking the variety of Catholic media outlets in Africa, promoting reconciliation, justice, peaceful coexistence, and enhancing a realistic image and an appreciation of the Church in Africa.

CANAA Mission

To report news stories, features, commentaries and analysis about and of interest to the local Churches in Africa, disseminating this as multimedia content to the Church in Africa, to the Church globally and to anyone interested in the reality and development of the Church in Africa, making use of the modern digital and social portals.

CANAA Values

CANAA will fulfil its mission by pursuing three ideals

  1. Advocacy of the respect of human rights and the dignity of the human person
  2. Promotion of reconciliation, justice and peace
  3. Fostering of the sense of servant leadership.

The need to promote these values has been reached after an assessment of the role of the Church in Africa, traced from documents on the Church in Africa and expressed in the report by CANAA core group.


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Video: Kamba Peace Museum - Machakos


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