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Bishops in Southern Africa Reach Out to Hurricane Matthew Victims in Haiti

CANAA || By Father Don Bosco Onyalla, Nairobi || 14 November 2016

sacbc appeals for haiti harricane victims 2016Catholic Bishops in Southern Africa are appealing to the faithful in their parishes to “hold prayers and organise collections” for the Haitians affected by Hurricane Matthew “for the period of three Sundays of November 2016.”

The Catholic Bishops under the umbrella body of the Southern African Catholic Bishops’ Conference (SACBC) want to build on the efforts that the United Nations and other charitable organizations are making to help Haitians, explaining that the situation in Haiti is dire and “that there is still a need for more.”

The Bishops request that the “once off special collections … be made for the period of three Sundays of November.”

The appeal has been made through the SACBC Vice President, Bishop Sithembele Sipuka, who formally requested that “all the collected donations reach Khanya House before the end of the month of November 2016, so that they can be forwarded to Haiti Catholic Bishops’ Conference.”

Below is the full statement of the Southern African Bishops’ appeal for charity toward those affected by Hurricane Matthew in Haiti

In response to the situation of Haiti, His Lordship Bishop Sithembele Sipuka, Vice President of SACBC, on behalf of the SACBC Bishops said that Hurricane Matthew recently has dealt a devastating blow to the Country of Haiti.

He said that the damage it has caused is the worst in the History of Haiti, and according to the reports it has turned some towns into a mix of mud and debris, destroying 90% of the crops.  

Bishop Sithembele said that many Haitians have died as the result of Hurricane Mathew and many thousands were left homeless, suffering want of food, clean water and health care.

He continued saying that the prevailing effects of Hurricane Mathew’s disaster are bad, and the aftermaths in the form of hunger and disease will continue to be felt for a while by Haitians; therefore the magnitude of this disaster calls for an immediate response of assistance to alleviate the sufferings of our brothers and sisters in Haiti.

Bishop Sithembele again said that United Nations and other charity organisations have already started giving a relief to the affected people.

He insisted that there is still a need for more; therefore he appealed that all SACBC parishes should hold prayers and organise collections specially for those affected by Hurricane Matthew, while this crisis is still fresh in the memory of the faithful.  

As a way forward, Bishop Sithembele requested that once off special collections should be made for the period of three Sundays of November.

He has urged that all the collected donations reach Khanya House before the end of the month of November 2016, so that they can be forwarded to Haiti Catholic Bishops’ Conference.

He concluded that some donations that may arrive after the set date they will be also forwarded to Haiti at the later date, but he insisted that people should do their best to meet the deadline.  

All donations should be deposited in the following account:  

Bank: Nedbank

Name of A/C: Project Caritas

Account No.: 160 4750 693

Branch Code: 160 445

Reference: Haiti  

For more information Contact Bishop Sithembele: 0475326301/0475322914


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